How do you define ethical behavior?

Ethical Behavior


Welcome to the place were ethical discussions take place.

How do we define ethical behavior?  How can we tell what behavior is acceptable?

Those are good questions because ethics can vary from culture to culture and what I believe is proper may not be acceptable to you.

Ethics have evolved over the years.  It has adapted to fit society.
Before we go any further, we should define ethical behavior.
Ethical behavior is behavior deemed proper by the society in which it is judged; we make ethical decisions based on moral principles taught to us by our elders.  It is choosing right from wrong.  Are the paparazzi guilty of immorality by pursuing the Royals?

That is a good definition for making a moral decision, but how does society benefit when I make an ethical decision and who decides if my decision is not acceptable?

A society depends on the ethics of it’s citizens.

Importance of ethical behavior

Let’s assume everyone did what they wanted and we lived in a society where ethics did not exist.  The crime rate would soar sky-high because people would not feel sorry for their fellow-man.

ethical behaviorDo we have a responsibility to treat others fairly?

Recall the old fable; treat others how you would want to be treated.   The good thing about ethics is that it keeps us from intentionally harming others.

We have a responsibility to treat our fellow-man with respect, dignity, and compassion.  If we want to be treated with the same respect then we should start with our own behavior. Do you think I acted appropriately?

Ethics vs. Morals 

I wrote an excellent article addressing this debate.  Ethics and morals are so closely related; and it is difficult to decide the difference however,  I managed to notice small differences in their definitions.   If you are a stickler for details like me.   I recommend you go read the article.  I will be here waiting on you. 🙂

We know that everyone does not always act ethically, so how does a society deal with unethical people?

Most people are not satisfied with the way unethical behavior is handled.
The one who hands down the punishment has to ask their selves if they handled the situation appropriately.

Example of unethical behavior

The Atlanta public school educators raised student’s grades so the students would pass the state proficiency test.  This is a good example of people placing their needs above others and how some teachers tried to cheat the system.

Ethical behavior in the workplace

The workplace is the most common place for ethical issues.  Ethics fall into many different categories and they all need a different response.

Favoritism is an unethical practice that seems to be prevalent in the workplace.  You can read all about favoritism, unethical business practices, and Internet ethics.

I bet you did not know ethics were so important.

Have you questioned your own ethics?

Do you have someone you can trust to help you decide on what the best decision is under certain circumstances?

Sometimes ethics sends us a signal.  The uneasy feeling you get when you treat someone wrong is your conscience reminding you that it is unethical behavior.

If ethics are so important then why do so many people behave immorally?  Most people do not intend to act inappropriately.  Like I said earlier, ethics is different for every culture.

Encouraging ethical behavior 

ethical behavior

When people who are not familiar with your culture behave inappropriately you have to encourage them to behave in a more acceptable way.

America is a collection of many cultures and sometimes we have to tell naive people about our ways.  Part of being ethical is the compassion shown to your fellow-man, so please explain yourself.

If they still refuse to honor our ethics then you have done your job.  Ignorance is no excuse.   If you want to know how another culture deals with a situation the best thing to do is to ask.

Is there a time when you are rewarded for behaving ethically?

The answer is no and yes.

Rewarding ethical behavior

Ethics are taught to us as we grow into adulthood.  At a certain age we learn right from wrong, and this is the basis for all ethics.Random acts of kindness

Children should be encouraged to act appropriately in public and rewarded when they do good.

Mentally disturbed people, kids, and people who are emotionally prevented from knowing right vs. wrong are sometimes given a free pass.

I have tried to discuss almost every issue affecting ethical behavior, but ethics are to be discussed.  Man has always pondered right from wrong.

If you see any area of ethics I have missed please share your opinions because I welcome your debate.  Your opinions may help someone struggling with the same issue that you have discovered a way to conquer.

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“Ethics are unwritten principles or morals that make it easier for a society to govern itself without the need for unnecessary laws.”