Scam or legitimate? Pizza delivery charges. (Part I)

scam alertScam or Legitimate?  You make the call.

I am starting a new series called “Scam or legitimate”.  I am asking my readers whether they believe the increase revenue campaigns by some companies are a scam or legitimately needed to help the company run.

We are in the middle of one of the worst economic conditions in the nation’s history.  Many companies are feeling the crunch to increase revenues or taking an opportunity to cleverly disguise extra charges.

I understand why companies need to raise revenues, but are some of these charges designed to squeeze the consumer?  I will start the conversation off and let you as the reader decide whether you think the charges are “scams or legitimate”.

There are many factors that can influence whether the charges are scams or legitimate, so if you do not agree with my or another reader’s perspective, I welcome your comments for discussion.

Pizza delivery.

The pizza delivery industry is first on my list.  I will present you with some information commonly known to consumers and I want you to decide whether you think the practice is a “Scam or legitimate”.  Also, back up your opinion by stating the reasons for your decision.

Many of you may remember the days before pizza delivery became so costly.  The pizza companies added a mandatory charge to the price of delivery.

Why the charges are needed.

Gas prices are rising.  Operating cost are increasing.  Pizza companies are in the business to make a profit so it makes sense to find another revenue source.

We should expect pizza companies to recover some of their expenses because other companies have instituted these charges without any problems.

This practice levels the playing field for drivers who are not tipped.

Why you should question the charges.

The decision left the consumer in a quandary.  If the delivery charges are being added; do I still need to tip the driver?

How much of the money actually goes to the driver?  Is the company forcing the consumer to tip?  Should drivers expect a tip when they deliver?

Is it good ethical behavior to tip the driver anyway?

What do you think?  Do you still tip the driver?  Do you buy your pizzas from the grocery stores?

Do you think companies are sharing this revenue with their drivers?  Do you dine-in to avoid these charges?

Do you like grocery store pizzas or fresh made pizzas?  What is your favorite pizza brand?

If you do not like your pizza, will the company reimburse the delivery fee?

Now it is your turn.

Do you think the charges are a “scam or legitimate’.  let me know what you think.
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