How to sue a cruise ship? What are the obstacles you may face.

have been watching the Carnival Triumph cruise ship incident very closely.

Before I wrote my first word I wanted to make sure every passenger made it home safely.

While we all were amazed at the conditions the cruise ship passengers were subjected to; many of us, including the passengers, probably silently saw a lawsuit in their future.

How to maintain professional ethics.

Living  in a very diverse environment where people are from different countries, religious backgrounds and they have different opinions can be challenging.   To make matters worse, working with a multiple class of people for eight hours a day and five days a week can become annoying and frustrating. We try to avoid chaos of any sort.   In order […]

A homeless man proves ethics last a lifetime.

A  homeless Kansas City man became a blessing to a woman who tried to bless him by giving him spare change.  I am about to tell you a story sure to warm your heart. Before I tell you about this ethically intelligent man, who happens to live under a bridge, let me ask you a few questions about your […]

Keep your dirty hands off me.

I have a subject many people might find disgusting.  Handshaking is a common greeting in many cultures. The Center for Disease Control says that Americans need to practice better hygiene especially when you they come in contact with others. Handshaking is one of the most common person to person transmission routes for viruses and bacteria. […]

Iowa supports gender discrimination in the workplace

Iowa Supports Gender Discrimination in The Workplace (via The problem of gender discrimination is serious. Many women face challenges with discrimination that results in lower pay rates than male counterparts or employment termination that does not have an appropriate reason. In some cases, the court system will even support gender discrimination and allow…