Scam or legitimate? Shrinking product sizes. (Part II)

Boy have I got a good one for you today. Families are dealing with the higher prices of everything from gas to groceries.  Many people are living paycheck to paycheck. We complain about the price of gas, but we have to buy it. The price of utilities are increasing. We try to curb the cost of […]

Embrace a diverse workplace. How to benefit from cultural diversity?

In the 21st century corporate America is seeing a richer and more diverse sociocultural dimension in the workplace. African-Americans, according to the 2010 US Census, make up 13% of the population, Hispanics at 16.3%, American Indians at 0.9%, and Asians at 4.8%, the country continues to welcome a growing number of overseas workers from India, the […]

Scam or legitimate? Pizza delivery charges. (Part I)

Scam or Legitimate?  You make the call. I am starting a new series called “Scam or legitimate”.  I am asking my readers whether they believe the increase revenue campaigns by some companies are a scam or legitimately needed to help the company run. We are in the middle of one of the worst economic conditions in […]

What makes a lawsuit ethical; laws or personal ethics?

Should laws influence your personal ethics? I wrote an article last week that posed an interesting question.  In the article, I told you the cruise line industry is using “forum clauses” in their tickets to limit litigation against them. If you have not read the article you can read it here, “How to sue a […]

How a Google + blog alliance gave me the inspiration I needed.

First off, this is probably one of the easiest articles I have ever written.  Mainly because the words are coming straight from my heart and I am writing them while the inspiration has control over my fingers. 🙂 I joined Google + some time ago, but I was a sporadic user and I did not feel I […]