New Comment Policy (effective immediately)

CommentPolicyHi folks, it has come time for me to discuss the type of comments on this blog.   First, let me be clear I am not trying to isolate anyone, but I am being hit with too many spam comments.

I can not address every situation, so I will reserve author discretion on spam comments.  I am not perfect, if your comment is legitimate, I apologize in advance for the errors I may make.  However, it should be easy for me to find a spam comment vs a legitimate comment.

I will make this short and simple.  Just remember the rules I list are not inclusive, keep in mind that I do have author discretion.

If your comment is legitimate you will not be concerned about this policy, but if you are trying to game the system or me then understand the reason you are being sent to the spam folder.

These rules are designed to limit the amount of spam; the author has final decision on whether your comment is approved.

  1. All comments can no longer include keywords in the content or your name.
  2. You must use your real name in the name field.
  3. You must be the author of the blog/articles.
  4. You must address the issue in the article.
  5. Self promoted comments will be rejected immediately.
  6. I will reject any and all third party comments.

I am making this list short because I can not cover every issue I will see on this blog.  Keep in mind I have the last word.