Marketing ethics and social responsibility with Darren Rowse.

DarrenRowseLearn marketing ethics with Darren Rowse.

This is a review of Darren Rowse’s social responsibility in marketing.  I share with you some lessons I learned about marketing ethics with Darren Rowse.

There are many ethical issues in marketing however, Darren has a good grasp of ethics in marketing.

Many of you are familiar with Darren Rowse; if you are not, eventually you will run into some videos, interviews, television, podcasts, and books about Darren.

About 1 year ago I was new to blogging so I turned to one of the most respected, honest, and knowledgeable bloggers on the web.  I left off the word guru intentionally because Darren is more than a marketer looking to hock his products.

Not to belittle gurus, but anyone can call themselves a guru.

Darren is a trusted adviser.  Darren has built his business around ethics.

Social marketing.

“The customer searches for your product before he makes a decision to buy”.

I was in search for more knowledge about blogging in general.  Darren has a very successful book titled “31 Days to Build a Better Blog”.   marketing ethics with Darren Rowse

I was familiar with the book and I had seen it featured in other places on the web.  I honestly thought what can this guy tell me about blogging that he does not share on his website and other self called “gurus” have not shared.

I played with the idea of buying his book for about two months.

Ethics and morals.

“Win the customer’s trust with a guarantee”.

I kept coming back to the fact that Darren was offering a 100% money back guarantee.  I told myself this guy must really believe in his book to offer a no hassle money back guarantee.

I learned that his photography website is more successful than problogger.

I am struggling to get one site off the ground.  I wondered how can one man strike gold twice.

The fact that Darren offered a guarantee made me finally decide to buy his book.

I received the ebook via a download and I began to go through the book immediately.

The book is written in a staircase format, which means every chapter builds on the previous chapter.

I read 5 chapters the first night and I kept a bookmark of my place in the book.

Darren gave me exercises to carry out.  He provided me with information I never considered useful.

Ethical issues in business.

“Do not take returns personal”.

This is the part that concerned me the most.  When I purchased the book I had a lot going on and my life was hectic.

I read as many chapters as I could however, I did not make it to 31 days.  I thought I had wasted my money on another blogging product.  I was really concerned that Darren would hassle me about the return.

After talking to a friend, I remembered Darren offered a no-hassle guarantee.  Do people say no-hassle just to sell their books?

Marketing code of ethics.

“Win the customer’s trust by over delivering on your promise”.

I built up the nerve to email Darren and tell him the book was not for me at this time and I really would appreciate if he would honor his money back guarantee.

I was all geared up for a dialogue, but Darren did something I did not expect.  He asked me for my Paypal id so he could refund my money.

I was thrilled, but I figured this must be the red tape.  The return of my money will take forever.

Follow through customer service

“Customer service begins where marketing ends”.

My refund was in my account  literally within 15 minutes.  I was speechless.

I expected Darren to ask me questions like, What problems did you have with the book?, Did you implement the strategies?

I can honestly say Darren did more than refund my money that day; he gained a friend and a trusted supporter.

I already had accommodated the cost into my budget however, the return of my funds was the one thing I never expected so quickly.

Thank you Darren.

I am not a paid endorser for Darren’s ebook nor is he aware I would tell this story.

I would like to hear about your stories.  Has anyone ever surprised you with their generosity or impressed you with their social responsibility and ethics in marketing?

I am listening.  Please share your experience.

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