Is tipping in a restaurant good ethical behavior or a customer’s discretion?

gratuity in restaurants I love going out to eat.    Eating out can be expensive, but I like being catered to now and then.  I will share my opinions about gratuity in restaurants.

I decide to tip the waiter or waitress based on their customer service.  A server should not be tipped if they provided mediocre service.  My brush with bad customer service in an internet cafe.

When the server has to serve a group of people; they should be rewarded for the patience it takes to deal with multiple personalities.

Are servers taken tips for granted?  I do not think just because a server brings my food to the table (which is their job); I should feel obligated to tip them.

This is an ethics question.  Do you think not tipping is unethical or can a customer make the judgment call?

I do not think skipping out on a tip is unethical, but we have to consider our morals.

Those were my thoughts about servers until a former server told me why the tips are so important to their income.

She told me they work for less because the managers assume customers are making up the income shortfall.

She also said the tips are counted as part of their income by the I.R.S. so they have to pay taxes on the money.

I assumed tips were free money; I should have known Uncle Sam will get his share.

I know I was naive, but I do not think a lot of people know how servers are paid.

She told me more facts; I felt so bad I make an effort to make sure the right person gets the tip.

I think about the server’s family.  If I find out the server has kids; I really feel compassionate.

Servers do not make a lot of money so when we do not tip them they make even less.

I want to know how you feel.  Do you tip based on good or bad service?

Do you know any servers?  Do you think we should always tip our servers?

Sometimes servers have to work large groups.  Do you think the restaurant is right to add the gratuity to the bill?

If you agree, how many people do you consider a group?

Do you calculate your tip by percentage of the bill?  What is the customary tip amount?

If you eat alone do you think you should tip?  What if you ate and left quickly; would you still tip?

Have you ever worked as a server?