Did Judge Lipps make the right call in an Ohio rape case?


Ohio rape case

Lately, some people seem to be confused about what is considered rape and how a society should punish those found guilty.  Let me emphatically clear up any notions that rape can be interpreted differently.

Rape is a criminal act committed against someone without their consent.  That is the bottom-line.   A person under the influence of alcohol, suffering from low mental capacity, unconsciousness, or any condition that prevents them from making a rational decision, can not legally give consent.

I also want to discuss the issue of types of rape.  Some have suggested rape falls into categories.  They believe rape can be legitimate or illegitimate.

I say heck no, all rapes are violent acts, therefore there is no need to call them other wise.

I am tired of those who want to wager a woman’s quality of life against the career/potential of another person.  I realize women are not the only ones raped, but they make up a large percentage of the cases.

Yesterday, Ohio Jude Lipps sent a powerful message by finding two star football athletes guilty of rape.

I know you are familiar with this case because it was broadcasted all over the national news and the two suspects had the nerve to film their crime.

I will not give anymore credit to this horrendous crime.  If you are interested in reading more about the case I suggest you follow-up here.

I am too infuriated to give anymore credit to a case so disgusting to be discussed further however, because I make behavior observations, I have to address the real issues here.

The real issues of this case. 

  1. Social media has been scrutinized for the problems it can cause however, I would like to take the opportunity to applaud social media for making it easier to find two dummies guilty.
  2. In the midst of feeling sorry for two star athletes who damaged their dreams of college careers, let us not forget a woman’s life has been ruined for the rest of her life.
  3. A moment of indiscretion by some fools can change the lives of many.
  4. There is no need to feel sorry after the fact because you should have considered the repercussions before you committed your crime.
  5. Are the laws tough enough to dissuade these types of crimes?

I ask, do you agree with the Judge’s ruling?   Are crimes against women taken as seriously as their male counterparts?

Is there a world-wide assault against the rights of women?  Have women made good progress since winning the right to vote?

Let your voice be heard.