The diary of workplace favoritism.

The Intricacies Of Workplace Favoritism You may have been in a work situation at your workplace whereby one person gets all the plaudits and praise even though someone else has done most of the work. This is a common occurrence in most workplaces and is referred to as favoritism in the workplace. A good case […]

Is the rich more ethical than the poor?

Should you throw your ethics out of the window? There are many studies that show how income levels are influenced by ethical behavior.   Can you become wealthy by overlooking ethics? Does your ethical behavior limit your earning potential?  Those are some great questions about ethics.  Some people argue that it should not matter whether […]

Did Judge Lipps make the right call in an Ohio rape case?

  Lately, some people seem to be confused about what is considered rape and how a society should punish those found guilty.  Let me emphatically clear up any notions that rape can be interpreted differently. Rape is a criminal act committed against someone without their consent.  That is the bottom-line.   A person under the influence of alcohol, suffering from low mental capacity, unconsciousness, or […]

What makes a lawsuit ethical; laws or personal ethics?

Should laws influence your personal ethics? I wrote an article last week that posed an interesting question.  In the article, I told you the cruise line industry is using “forum clauses” in their tickets to limit litigation against them. If you have not read the article you can read it here, “How to sue a […]

A homeless man proves ethics last a lifetime.

A  homeless Kansas City man became a blessing to a woman who tried to bless him by giving him spare change.  I am about to tell you a story sure to warm your heart. Before I tell you about this ethically intelligent man, who happens to live under a bridge, let me ask you a few questions about your […]