Truth in advertising

Advertising on a particular blog is not an easy decision to make.  You want to make sure your ads are reaching your audience.

Wouldn’t it be nice for website owners to be truthful in their advertising practices.

Someone who is not in it for the money.

Someone who is honest about their market, so you do not waste your time or most important your money.

My website prides itself on ethical practices.  I have written about the unethical practices that go on in advertising.  So it makes sense that the Ethical Behavior blog follow its own advice.

How I am different

I will check your advertisements for their compatibility to my readers.  I will tell you if I think your ad is right for my market.

I will let you know if I feel your ad will be effective on my website, all before you pay one single penny.

You say I am crazy.  Money is money , right.  Not necessary.

I want your ad to be very effective in reaching your target market.  I realize this, if your ads are effective, you will more than likely return as an advertiser.

I know ground breaking.

Why are you doing this

I learned one thing about advertisement from my childhood boss, Mr. Lancaster.  He taught me to make the customer happy and they will return over and over.

I get that and I appreciate your honesty but what are your stats. 

I realize looking at all this information can be over bearing so I will break every line down item by item.

Updated 12-11-12

Pages on this site were viewed a total of 7,571 times
Pageviews: 7,571
Unique Pageviews: 2,998
Avg. Time on Page: 00:01:33
Bounce Rate: 20.86%
% Exit: 29.89%

Updated 2-4-2013

This is a compared to the last month.  The percentages are the increase or decrease in the changes made.

Visits: 37.77%

2,663 vs 1,933

Unique Visitors: 38.95%

2,194 vs 1,579

Pageviews: 85.97%

11,266 vs 6,058

Pages / Visit: 34.99%

4.23 vs 3.13

Avg. Visit Duration: 339.24%

00:10:14 vs 00:02:20

Bounce Rate: 250.58%

8.52% vs 2.43%

% New Visits: 1.26%

81.04% vs 80.03%

First of all what you are looking at is a visual presentation of my website stats for the period of Oct. 28, 2012-Nov. 28, 2012

Keep in mind my website has been under this new domain for about 2 months.  I changed the domain name two months ago.

My website went from an Alexa ranking of 9,000,000 to the current ranking of 183,000 in that time period.  And eventually a PR 3.

That tells you theses stats will only get better.

Let’s get into the details of the stats.

The very top number (1,649) represents the amount of people who visited my website for the very first time.  They are called unique visitors.

The number (2,073) represent the total number of people who visited my site, whether for the first time or everyday.

The page views (4,836) represent the total amount of pages those visitors saw.

An impressive number is the 2.33 pages/visit.

The average visit duration is one of the most important numbers because it tells you how long the visitors were on my site ( 3 minutes and 12 seconds).  Many websites are averaging below 2 minutes.

The bounce rate is another important metric.  It represents the time a visitor leaves my site.

That means that 47.07% of the people are viewing more than one page on my site, in other words 53.93% of visitors look at one page and leave.

This number is as correct as I can tell you.  I have seen websites with over 90% bounce rate.

The last number is 78.24% of the people have discovered my site for the first time.

My goal is to turn at least 25% of those people into repeat visitors.

Now that you understand the numbers let me tell you what advertising spaces are available.

I am not in the market to cheat anyone so my prices are proper.

125×125 (4) right sidebar or footer= 20.00/month

468×60 (1) header=30.00/month

250×250 (3) in content, sidebar, footer, above comments, more available at request=40.00/month

Links (4)=10.00/month

I want to make sure you are happy with your ad placement so we will discuss placement before you are charged.

I hope that covers all your questions.  I hope to hear from you soon. You can contact Michael using the form below.  Thank you.

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