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Welcome to my blog.

My name is Michael.  I believe we are raised with good ethical behavior, but we can choose to exercise those morals or not.  Our morals are tested everyday.  However, if we do not practice good morals we lose our ability to be passionate towards our fellow-man.

I chose my subject on ethics and morals because through our conversations hopefully we can help someone struggling to maintain good values.  Ethics vary across cultures so if someone is acting immoral according to the behavior acceptable in your culture encourage them, do not make fun of their ignorance.

Guest posting has many benefits.  You can really reach your target audience with relevant content.

As blog authors and internet marketers our time is very valuable, but a well written article can benefit the blog owner and the author.

EthicalBehaviorBoy is the perfect medium to promote to a wide audience.  My blog has 70% United States and 30% international readers.

EthicalBehaviorBoy  has quickly built a loyal following.    It has managed to get over 1,000 comments.


The rules to publish on this blog:

  1. Original content
  2. 500 words plus article
  3. Author profile with up to 3 links
  4. Proofread article for grammar
  5. Related content
  6. No product or service links
  7. Real name in author profile

I maintain editorial control.  

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